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About the Author

Nancy Cartie is an author, elementary school nurse, mom and Nana. She became a monarch butterfly enthusiast after learning about the challenges of the monarch butterflies in the wild. She loves to share fascinating butterfly stories and her portable indoor habitat with family, friends, students and all nature lovers. Nancy enjoys teaching about the monarch’s amazing transformation from egg to butterfly. She is passionate about protecting, nurturing and releasing the butterflies to help maintain a healthy and strong population.

Nancy is blessed to combine her knowledge and experience of working with children and rescuing butterflies by writing children’s books that encourage children to discover and create qualities such as patience, kindness, love, confidence, courage and joy!

Nancy has learned, through raising her family and inspiring students, the importance of recognizing that in life, THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTHING! She believes this understanding is important, now more than ever, as children find themselves living in a very fast paced, competitive, connected social media world. She encourages children to take the time they need to learn, grow and know for themselves when it is their time to shine.

The stories of Annie the Butterfly will come to life in a book series, A Time for Everything, where children will learn that with time, love, encouragement, patience and confidence everyone can reach their own full potential.

In her free time, Nancy cherishes time with her family, volunteering, growing her butterfly garden, traveling and experiencing the beauty of nature.

Nancy lives in Meadows Place, Texas.

About the Illustrator

Joy Chandler enjoys when an idea magically comes to life through line, shape and then form. She loves the illusion of integrating skill and interpreting her environment as she sees it. Joy sees herself as an observer of life, a lifelong learner, innovator and scientist. She is an artist who delights in the moment her viewer is drawn to her work and thinks, “How did she do that?” or “What a neat viewpoint!”

Joy graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Lamar University and currently teaches art. She resides with her family in Sugar Land, Texas where her beautiful artwork was selected by the City of Sugar Land Cultural Arts Division to be featured in the community. Joy dedicates her illustrations to her loving and supportive family, Becky, Kirby and Mackenzie.

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